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FS - Universal Rocks Waterfall Pond 'Utopia' WWP-002

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I am selling my much loved Universal Rocks waterfall pond. With a toddler around I no longer have a suitable spot for it. I was going to move it around the front of the house but there really isn't a spot where it would look any good. I have had it in storage for the last 2 years as I couldn't bring myself to sell it but I can't really keep it in my shed taking up room for no reason, so out it goes!

I reckon these ponds look really good. I love the artifical rock look and always wanted one of these in my yard! They are also lightweight and easily moved if need be! This style of waterfall is designed to go against a wall or fence.

Anyway, here are the specs -

Measurement in mm:

L 1550mm x W 1000mm x H 1000mm

Approx. weight: 25 kg

Capacity: 70 ltrs.

2000 ltrs. per hour pump

Measurement in inch:

L 61" x W 39" x H 39"

Approx. weight: 55 lbs.

Capacity: 18 gal.

500 gal. per hour pump

Website - Waterfall, Ponds, Cascades, Creeks, Rocks, Edge Rocks, Swimming Pool, Habitats - Universal Rocks

I have just bought a brand new pump for it as the old one had a slight crack in the housing. So it comes with an old working pump with a very minor leak that you could try and seal up plus a brand new pump with 12 months warranty. I will provide the receipt to the buyer.

Everything is in good condition, I can see some of the foam type material it is made from has worn off on the back but this doesn't effect the unit at all. There was a very small leak coming from the rear tube, where it comes out the back of the pond but I have siliconed this up and had it running for days without a drop of water leaking anywhere.

Photos -



Video - Photo 043.mov - YouTube

Price - $500. I have looked around and seen brand new ones going for well over $1000 - Wall Waterfall Pond WWP-002 - Majestic Aquariums

Pick up only - Forest Lake

You'll need a ute or trailer I guess, it may fit in the back of a 4WD.

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