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8' + 2 x 4' Breeding Setup - CHEAP!!

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The setup consists of the following:

8x2x2 tank with black tinted back

2 of 4x18"x18" tanks

Black Metal Stand - box Steel

3' Sump with heaps of media

Jebao Pump - 13000L/Hour

4 large sponge filters

2 x 4' lights over 4' tanks

Central power board above 4' tanks

300W Heater

All plumbed with stainless steel strainers and isolation valves to take tanks off the system.

Has an option to expand the setup as it currently is now allowing more tanks to be added onto the sump.

8' tank has an egg crate divider.

Another egg crate divider available to fit in one of the 4' tanks.

Sump has overflow for efficient water changes. Comes with a long overflow hose.






Price - $600ono

Alternatively, I will split up this system for the following prices:

8' Tank - $220

4' Tanks - $110ea

Stand - $160

Sump - $160

Pump - $50

Heater - $10

Plumbing - $30

Both 4' Lights - $40

Prefer to sell it all as one - but as soon as I have takers for the tanks and sumps, I will split it up.

I also have a 6'x3'x2.5' Trapezoid Tank I will be putting up soonish - $600.

Comes with sump / stand etc.

Also have a few fish left which will go up soonish.

2 x gibbis 20cm - $50ea

1 x 1st Gen Red Tex - $100

Miranda Kerr Convict (no cuddle DVS???) - offers

And a few freebies - free :)

PM me if interested in any of the above and save me putting up an thread.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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