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EOI: LOTS of odds and ends

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I cleaned out the cupboards today and came up with the following stuff. Make an offer for whatever you like (preference will be given to those to take it all). Here is a rough list.

1 x Sump Pump JHQ-4500 (Brand new)

3 x 2ft T5 Lights (Don’t know if they work or not), ea takes 2 tubes.

3 x Ceramic Caves

1 x Fake Rock with Plants

1 x Tub of NLS (Maybe 300g left)

1 x Twin Air pump

1 x Sponge filter

1 x Tetra Bits 300g (3/4 Full)

2 x Wardley Ickaway 125ml (Looks like both are full)

1 x Methylene Blue 1L (looks to be Brand New / Full)

1 x Styro box of Misc Items (I haven’t bothered itemising as most of it isn’t worth anything and may just be turfed)

1 x box of Plumbing … Most are 1" fittings, some are 1.25" … I did promise this to someone on the forum before I went on holidays, but I cant remember who it was, If it was you PLEASE let me know.

1 x 1.5m Light - 4 x T8's (Has 2 bulbs in at the moment), This is from a Cleair aquarium, the sides fold up to cover the top of the hood. Could easily be adapted / screwed into a hood.





Pickup is from Stretton (Near Sunnybank)

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