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K1 media diy filters.

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I've seen a couple of good articles on homemade setups using K1 media on monsterfishkeepers.com in the DIY section. I use K1 media in my nexus filter and it is great, just remember for biological filtration it is designed to be constantly moving and rubbing against each other, needs a lot of aeration to creat the required water movement. You can read more about it on the manufacturers website :

Koi Pond Filters | Buy K1 / K3 | Evolution Aqua Ltd

You can't buy it through this website, but it does have some good information. Any lfs can order it for you from the Australian agent, I know Russ at Redlands Pet Centre uses Nexus filters with k1 media in the shop, so he can probably get it for you.

Cheers, Doug

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