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FS:(qld) 20 tank breeding system ready to run complete

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Ok well here goes, I have shut down my breeding system due to working away from home and no longer having the time to look after fish this system is massive! I am located in Logan area and inspection is highly recommended., I can assist in delivery for a fee, or a car trailer and ute will be needed, there are a few tanks that have had repair, all hold water, tanks are not display quality, most tanks are drilled about 4 are not, (drillbit) supplied and heap of fittings to join to system, all plumbing will be supplied, may need small mods depending on tank placements all taps ect hoses come with this plug it together no glue ect and away you go! Have a few cracked tanks ect that will go with this to use as lids or repair and store fish I have a few lids to go with this. Stand may be cut if too large and may free stand in 2 parts works out cheaper than $30 a tank

Steel stand reprinted with rust guard paint

3750mm long 1500mm high 930mm wide

Will require 2400mm roof to enter top of tanks as with a tank on stand and tank is 1950mm high

I will also include a heap of foam I used as walls in my shed as insulation to keep heat in/ out (stack in photo)

Tanks In mm

Length, width, hight

1500x460x460. (1 of)

1200x400x450 (1of)

1000x500x400 (2of)

900x400x450 (1)

900x400x400 (1)

900x350x450 (1)

900x300x450 (6 of)

900x350x350 (1)

600x300x400 (5of)

600x300x300 (1)

Sump tanks- 1200x450x500


250w uv (condition of bulbs unknown)

6800lph sump pump

90w turbo air pump 7.5kpa

Drift woods

Some breeding logs


Foam filters (air)


About 20kg all up these weights are approx

Seachem Matrix- 5kg bag

Aqua clay - 2 x 5kg bags

Calcium (ph) - 5kg

Seachem Purigen 1kg (needs recharged)

Foam course and fine, and gutter guard This was an awesome system and it will be sad to see it go after years of good breeding good luck happy bidding and all questions and inspections more than welcome, I have done my best to give in detail what I have for sale pictures form a part of my description please inspect before buying As I do not have time to relist this or time for tyre kickers that can't use a tape measure in there bedroom

contact my phone as i do not come on here any more thanks






price: $600

contact dave: 0458340363

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