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MY Boyfriends 21st

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hay all i am looking to buy my boyfriend a 21st presnet but i have no idea what to get he dose currently have 2 4ft setups on he has a heap of brown Bristlenose breding in it and a second 4 ft tank with a heap of there babies growing in it lol (dont really know much about em lol)

know i am going off memory here and i think he is looking for (and i rang him lol)

4FT tank


internal filter

filter media

canister filters

and more bristlenose as long as there not brown lol (got to many lol)

oh yeah this is my boyfriends account befor anyone asked lol and i did ask him not to go on it till after his birthday on th 25 of may (he promised me so i hope he keeps his word lol)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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