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South American Tank (5ft x 2ft x 2ft)

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Good day!

I'm from Singapore and got know to this forum as well as qah.org.au while I was at the Ekka 2012... Beautiful displays over there! :)

My friend is currently studying in UQ so I visited him for a couple of weeks & I really loved Qld! Unlike my wayyyy overcrowded country with hot & humid tropical climate, it's so nice to relax in Qld where there's always seats in the train :P

Anyway, here are some photos of my 5feet aquarium, filled with South American cichlids ;)

Satanoperca leucostitca


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nice looking tank and fish setup there mate and a couple of awesome pleco's

Thank you! Right now I'm saving up some money to get myself a piece of decent sized L273.. still my favorite psuedacanthius.

The Pterosturisoma microps in one of the full-tank shots have died sadly :( hard to get them to feed in a crowded tank

Great looking tank mate. Needless to say I'm jealous.

Thank you & pls don't be! I'm jealous of your beautiful state :D

Cracking tank mate, great selection of species there.

Thanks! I'll post photos of my other fishes soon :)

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Ohhh droool!

So jealous, amazing set up.

Your rams have kept a nice colour with the sand.

Mine went really washed out with sand. But my sand was a lot whiter I guess.

Thank you :)

Yes, their color tend to get washed out in whiter sand.. that was the case for my friend's rams! Also, i found wild rams have this more "exotic" look to them than those captive / selective bred variants.. :P

I just love wild fishes heh heh

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