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Bloody white spot a uv filter could it work??????

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Got the spot on my clown loaches in my display tank. Contents include Firemouths Parrots silver sharks rainbow shark. Clowns are the only fish showing signs of the spot and only 2 out of 4 at that . Got the spot remedy today in the tank (noticed it yesterday) did a 30% water change added salt and bumped up the temp on heaters to 29 deg . Heard about a uv filter and was assured by a salesman (of course ) that it would take care of the problem. Anyone heard of these and do they work ??? Tonight is thursday and if i get a positive responce to this thread i will have such filter in my tank by lunch friday. I do not want to loose my fish! Anything at all would be appreciated!!!!!!


Josh :(

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Never heard of uv doing anything like that sorry but im no expert.

I hope you used the white spot treatment at a reduced dose???????

Loaches dont have scales as you should be aware and a full dose of the treatment will most likely kill them first...

Good luck


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Yeah Chris i halved the dose and now am just watching. I have just finished reading up on the filters and they seem to kill all sorts of nasties . I just wish someone could decipher all the jargan and tell me if they work!!!!

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yes they do work that is uv's will kill white spot in the water collum free floating tomites that pass the uv light but not on the fish.

plus rock salt,

plus high temperture between 29-34 celsius,

plenty of oxygen so turn up the air flow as there will be less oxygen in your water at high temperture,

no light that is cover your tank and keep them in the dark.

hope this help's.

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take triggers advice

up temp

up air


up rock salt

and yes a uv will help control but wont cure once fish have it

dammn clown loaches are the lepers of the fish world


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