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5ft x 2ft x 2ft Monster Fishes (Decommed April 2012)

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Here's my Monster fish community which I decommissioned early this year. Too bad I only can have one big tank, or else I would still keep them :(

There are several Full-tank shots from different stages of the tank..

The tank:


The ex-fishes:

Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri (Wild from the Guinea)


Polypterus endlicheri congicus (Wild)


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Wow! They are beautiful

Thank you!

awesome tank mate! i love the Giraffe catfish. wish i had one!

Thank you, I wish I could build a bigger tank to keep this guy... it was busting my tank at 18-20".. it grow more than 1.5ft in a year..

mate that is awesome.. only wish we could have some of them over here..

Thanks mate..! Cichlas are not banned in Australia are they? :)

mate they are great fish,i wish we could get black bass from png??

Thanks!.. there's a black bass from PNG? Haven't heard of it!

wow what amazing fish!!!!! thanks for sharing :)

whats the big fat black one?


That's a short-bodied KongMing.. also known as the Patin, or Sutchi that you get in the supermarkets...

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