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Feeding and Colouration

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I've been feeding my africans mostly on a cichlid flake food and generally they seem happy with it. Today I bought a tray of frozen "Cichlid Dinner" which seems to have a lot of various seafoods (mysis shrimp, krill, mussels) and meats but also some mixed vegetable matter, garlic and spirulina in it (I'm planning on using this sparingly, say a couple of times a week). When feeding time was over I noticed that my crimson tide males were more brightly coloured and roamed about the tank more.

My question is. Do you think this is a result of the content of the food or more the act of competing for the food? I didn't thaw it out but they didn't seem to care, in fact my crimson tides seemed to love tearing it apart.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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lol I am so lazy these days though mate

just throw in some spectrum daily

fish love fresh food though

I do try to treat them to some frozen krill or mysis every now and again

and I was swapping fish for live prawns at one point

but ya so lazy these days

just the nls

works well for me

The fry like the ocean nutrition veggie flake a heck of a lot

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I think most of the food available these days is ok and do the job. How much colour comes down to genetics or food or water quality is up for debate. I buy what I think is quality food cuz it makes me feel good. Not sure impact on fish.

Ive been feeding my afros a cheap tropical flake from petbarn (along with other quality food) for a while now and they are looking fine. But balance and variety is the key.

Have seen and bought nice fish off people who feed them cheapest food available. Not my recomendation but its just proves a point I suppose.

But yeh, they love fresh food.

herbivores (mbuna etc) - peas, spinach and a few prawns, blender voila.

Piscavores (peacocks/haps) more prawns than plant matter.

I only throw this in once a week cuz its pretty messy.

But as DFF said, you could just go NLS all day everyday and you'd be sweet and not worry your pretty head about it :)

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Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll try different things and see what they like best. I've already worked out that the crimson tides aren't fond of coming to the top to feed so I might get some sinking pellets of some kind as well.

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