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What the hell is this worm

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Hi guys I was doing a water change and gravel clean on my 120 litre New Guinea Rainbow tank . Plunging the gravel cleaner into the substrate a few times and about a half a dozen worms like this came up. They look like the sand worms you catch at the beach for bait, with bristles on the flanks. Handling the worm roughly causes them to break into independent living segments. I am sure I am kill em with snail rid or some sort of worm treatment, I am just curious to know what the hell they are and are they harmful ie like an anchor worm or such.






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have a read of this about bloodworm this may help you.


cheer's johno.

Thanks but these thing are huge at least 40 to 50 mm, every blood worm I have ever seen is about 25 mm max and they have a distinct head and tail as they are a nymph. These things break into pieces which begin life on their own or so it appears.

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still looking I've Googled and Googled, and it seems LOTS of people have found these in their tanks!

Usually saltwater tanks, but there ARE some freshwater species namely namalycastis siolii or N. senegalensis. Most likely N. siolii, as these are a pure freshwater species, and N. senegalensis are fresh or brackish water.

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yea they are actually quite common

most 'bristleworms' are brackish/marine

but there are still plenty of freshwater ones

very common in aquaponic/hydroponic and aquaculture systems

A good reason to give plants a dip before adding them to aquariums

but generally they are just a scavenger lol

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