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Cheap transport VIC and NSW to QLD

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Hey guys my partner is moving to Brisbane From Bendigo Vic around the 23/9/12 she has a 8x5 cage trailer that is approx ¾ full so we have a little room there as well as in the car, and are offering to help transport your items at a fair price, could fit a Engine or gearbox or multiple smaller items.

I will be flying to Melbourne and travelling with her back to Brisbane I’ll be staying one night in Bendigo and the next morning will be leaving and be driving straight threw, only stopping for fuel so will be in Brisbane early hours the next morning approx 20 hours travel time can pick items up in some areas of Melbourne when I fly in.

Together we have good experience and knowledge of car parts, Snakes (have current reptile license)and Fish (ill be bringing some up for myself) we are happy to transport any of these items at a good price to help us cover cost of the trip.

We will be looking to travel the coastal root but may detour if it’s worth our while to do so we would prefer items are dropped to her address in Bendigo and picked up from our home address in Brisbane, but can how ever make some other arrangements if the price is right or we are happy to pick something up along the root travelled no detours will be taken unless adequately compensated to do so, also we will not be waiting extended periods for someone to meet up.

We are happy for you to pay when you pick your item/animal up from us but will do it a little cheaper if you pre pay we will not store your item for any extended time we would expect them to be picked up within a few days, if it’s a animal pickup will be the day of us reaching Brisbane we will text you to update expected arrival time but as was said it’s expected to be early hours the following morning from leaving Bendigo.

I understand some people may be concerned with trusting a un known person with their item or animal I am happy for anyone to visit me at my home address and view my licence to verify who I am and where I live, If items are been dropped to Bendigo address we would prefer it to be a few days prior to this date so it can be loaded on the trailer when her other items are as well to help workout optimum loading.

You can pm me your questions or for a faster response you are welcome to call me on 0432 712 253

Prefer cash however may barter

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