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Split-Gene Jack Dempseys and Eggs

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Here I go with the 5th installment of Stuck, Stupid and can't work it out!

My new problem is:-

I have offered 2 of my 4 ft tanks to a fellow qldaf member to house some fish. Issues are his own and not my place to pass on. 1 tank is empty and I'm seeding as I type this message, 2nd tank has 7 Split gene jack Dempseys in it. The major issue is they have decided to pair up and have laid about 6,000,000 eggs :-) my first batch of JDs.

What I could do:-

Put the 5 JDs in with my 8 Brasiliensis (not breeding) in a 2x2x2 or

Put the 5 JDs in with my 8 convicts(breeding) and 3 electric blues in a 7ft tank

2 JDs & eggs in a 2x1x1.5?

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