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Breeding ideas please!!!

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I've got a huge bath in that I'm never going to use, it's about 3m long, 1.5 wide and about 1 meter deep. I'm looking to set up a breeding tank, should I use it as a grow out tank or a breeding one. What species should I breed? I would be to hard to do cichlids because catching them would be impossible.2, so chuck a few ideas at me do I can get it going, and I'll update the forum with progress pictures

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ive got a damn full of breeder guppies, so ive got that covered. and if i get a colony of plecos, could i just leave them in there for about 6 months then take everything out and sell the fry/juvies? what would be a good pleco that isnt insanly expensive. ive allready got a male peppermint and a male L202 tiger.

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When people ask "what should i breed" i always recommend Bristlenose. Many of us started with bristlenose and have built our entire fishrooms from the profit of these little buggers.

The good thing about bristle nose are is the are extremely easy to breed and low maintenance. Also with bristlenose they can go in just about any tank but salt water.

+ Points

Cheap to set up

Easy To Breed

100-300 Babies per batch

Fast Growing

Quick to turn over

Low Cost in maintaining

Can go in nearly all tanks

When customers say "i got algae" most shops recommend a bristlenose

The only down side is they wholesale for about $1/Centimeter however you get big qty per spawn and they grow fast with regular water changes..

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What sort of hormones are you pumping into them?

I wish they did. A quarter of that would be more accurate.


That's one batch of fry and that's only part of the strainer..


That's just some of the boys

I think John West sums it up the best when he says "its the fish that we reject that make John Wests the best"

If you breed something and stick with only quality fish you will build a great reputation and get higher prices

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