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*****ly Panchax

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Hey guys! I need your advice...

I recently set up a 3ft tropical aquarium that just has some gravel and plants in it. I had a tag along glass catfish that I put into the aquarium to help it cycle and for weeks he was happy and healthy.

Along the track a customer offered me her Golden Panchax as she was down grading her tank and wanted someone to take him, which I did.

He is at least 10cm and a very vibrant boy, I plopped him into my 3ft and he is giving my glass catfish so much strife that I've just now moved out the catfish into a temporary home to recover with some melafix (his fins were nipped).

I don't know a whole lot about Panchax, it's a nice looking fish but are they always this aggressive? My new tank is set up as a planted tank to which I was planning on adding more glass catfish and then hopefully some angels & tetra...

If they are a difficult fish to keep, how easily can they be sold or traded?

Thanks, attached is a picture of the boy himself ...


P.S - My title is not a swear :-( It's an adjective used to describe a rose for example..


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Gold Panchax are considered a nippy fish. Blues are little more chill but may nip. Most killi fish are territorial and possibly nippy but there are exceptions to that rule. Clown Panchax, Dayi and Australe are usually chill. However I have seen even these little guys try to bully fish. I had baby Apisto Diplotaenia in a tank that were actually smaller than the Clown Panchax and the clowns rounded them all up.

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