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Vertex ROX 0.8 Premium Carbon

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Vertex ROX 0.8 Premium Carbon now in stock. Here is a rundown -

Vertex ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon offers superior adsorption, less dust and pristine water clarity. Typically used by pharmaceutical companies to create ultra-pure water. The wide variety of pore sizes makes it the best aquarium carbon available to remove yellowing pigments, contaminants and irritants from your tank.

Vertex Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon Specifications

Iodine Number: 1000 min.

Ball-Pan Hardness: 97 min.

Surface area (BET) m2/g: 1225

pH: Neutral

Food Chemicals Codex: Passes

Ash, Mass %: 3

Methylene blue absorption g/100g: 24

Washed with Hydrochloric Acid

Priced from $28.95 for 1000ml up to $79.95 for a 3500ml satchel.


Age of Aquariums - Vertex ROX 0.8 Carbon 1000ml


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