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Hi folks

Just a quick post to say G'Day and then off to have a good look around.

Ihave been a keeper and breeder of tropicalfish, including Cichlids from all parts of the world, for over 30 years now and always enjoy both learning new things and also offering advice where possible.

I run a dedicated fishroom containing 4 x 6'x2'x2' - 4 x 4'x2'x2' - 2 x 3'x2'x2' - 6 45lt tubs for fry growout, as well as another 5 various sized tanks in the house.

I have recently begun venturing into the world of Aquaponics and as a result now have a 4000lt inground pond and a 1000lt IBC these are currently housing Shibunkin Goldfish and Ornamental Koi. Next year these will contain Silver Perch and Rainbowfish.

My folks live in the Deception Bay area and therefore I often visit the Sunshine State and when I saw this site I thought it would be handy to see what is happening in our great hobby up in that neck of the woods!

Anyway, I am off now to have a look around.



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Hey Rainbowman

Welcome to the forum, Nice collection of fish you have there.

Cheers Etienne :)

Thanks for the welcome Etienne, always great to join a friendly and informative discussion site.

I will try and post a few pics soon to show off some of my fish :ewink:

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