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FS: Tanganyikan Cichlids

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FS/WTB/EOI:- Tanganyikan Cichlids

Type of fish/goods:-

Similis breeding size $20ea

Orange leleupi breeding size $15ea

Trets breeding size $20ea

F1 Frontosa Moba 3cm, fat and healthy $60ea

Sex(if known):- Unknown

Size/Rating:- 3cm+, just depends how long I have them here for. Some can be 4-5cm+ even.

Qty:- Plenty, unless stated

Price:- See next to the fish

Shipping Y/N:- Yes

Comments:- NOT wasting my time selling a couple of fish, some fish minimum is 6, others are 10, just depending what you need for a colony for that species

Contact:- 0432 079 549

Photos:- Will post later

Feel free to ask about any other Tanganyikan Cichlids

Have decided to post not so common stuff in their own threads

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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