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Neolamprologus Mustax!?

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What is their temperament like?

Aggressive? Good community fish?

How big do they grow?

I would do my google research but anyone can write an article on the net. Doesn't mean it's true!

So I would really like to hear from all the knowledgeable people on here ;)

Also the tank they will be going in has 21 7bar at 4-5cm and 10 Duboisi at 6cm.

700L tank :)


Nitrite 0ppm

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrate 05-10ppm

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Anyone can write on a forum post as well ;)

Not sure why you're mixing Tropheus with Frontosa initially

But the Mustax would be pretty much like a Leleupi, so you can just look up all those tips about Leleupi :)

Haha true shon! But I know you guys will talk from exp. lol

Well it's a display tank! I like fronts and trophs, and to be completly honest try are working together great! No fights! Nothing. But the tank is packed with smashed up slate pieces so there's plenty of territory to go around.

Trophs and fronts exist in the same lake right? Both species found all around the lake right? I dont see any reason as to why they can't co-exist together?

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Both species are found in the lake... No where near each other.

With completely different feeding, lighting, aquascaping and spacial requirements.

Frontosa - Protein rich diet, dim lighting, few big caves/pots, need space to move around, lives in deep water

Tropheus - Herbivorous diet, bright lighting to promote algae growth, needs rock piles on both sides of the tank, lives in moderate depth water

I'm sure many have done it, I'm not saying not to do it.

But either way, it's not perfect.

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