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Ideas on a shrimp tank

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I've got a 4x15x18 spare on rack, it's the one at the bottom and none of my fish seem to like being so close to the ground..so I'm thinking of chucking in some red or yellow Cherrys and let them do their thing:)

So what should I use to filter it? How should I set it up? Substrate or bare? How would you do it? Help me get it right:)

I mean I have google! But what has worked for you !

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Thanks for the help guys:)

I do have a current tank I've had set up for close to a year now .. Maybe I'll say a little about it and you could help me with where and why I went wrong? Everybody seems to pump out the shrimp but me!

Current tank is 2x12x15

twin t5ho light

Substrate is a mix of laterite , aqua clay and big coffs harbor

Plants are java moss, HM ,swords and thin Val

Filter is a little sponge the ones in the ceramic pot thing fishchick sells

One really porus volcanic rock thingy..

Some of the plants have those lead weights holding the down( will this hurt shrimp?)

Water changes are about 10-15% every three weeks

I use supachlor water conditioner and have been putting the fluval shrimp mineral stuff from AOA

Umm that's all I can think of for now

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Matt i find that keeping it simple is best.

dont mess with ph or anything it will only stress the shrimp.

try get some aquasoil and it will buffer the ph for you

id use a canistar with a sponge over the inlet to stop shrimplets.

if you want to be like a pro you gould get a tds meter, gh,kh test kits lol

maybe some day soon we could do a swap?? shrimp for goldys :)

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fluval shrimp stratum soil

ocean nutrition wafers

fluval shrimp minerals

the odd mullberry leaf

anubias on driftwood


java moss

air powered sponge filters

or cannisters (hard on lower tanks)

works dam well for me

excellent colour

excellent health

excellent breeding rate

pretty much 0 effort

yep thats how I roll lol

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Neocaridina sepcies dont need any special water. Though using RO/rainwater with Salty shrimp Sulawesi mix does make the breed like nuts! Also Black gravel brings out the colours well and for a light bulb, 10k spectrum seems the best too. Also mosses ferns etc, a reliable filter, a reliable heater...

So basically,

A tank

A light (10k)

A heater temp 21-24

A filter

Dark substrate




optional saltyshrimp sulawesi minerals with pure water for optimal breeding ;)

And dont forget the test kits :P

You can get a lot of stuff from our sponser bossaquaria who specialises in shrimp gear. He is a great guy too and takes care of his customers :)

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And good params are

PH 7.5

Hardness whatever lol

TDS 80+

ammonia and nitrite 0

nitrate max 15ppm

thats it, you should have happy shrimp!

And i feed my shrimp

Fresh kale, spinach, Hikari crab cuisine

Wont touch anything else, the love that stuff!

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Apparently they need Java Moss to live happily! I have a bunch in a 2 foot tank with about 10 - 10cm catfish! I had them there in quarantine ready for the new tank for the catfish...which I have only just now bought the wood for lol. The shrimp have probably doubled in size (now about 2 cm) in around a month,,,,so I think they are happy! The tank has bad nitrite readings and is fairly cloudy, even with lots of water changes, due to the stupid amount of catfish and only sponge filtration...... Knowing my luck I will get the 4 foot ready and they will all die when put into it! :/

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sponge filters will do :P but seriously, no substrated is needed. but it looks better, don't use light substrate as darker gravel brings out the best colours. cherries like hard water so dont worry too much, queensland water straight of the tap with neutraliser is perfect. moss is vital for baby survival as they eat the bacteria and biofilm etc of it. really all depends on how you want to decorate the tank as well. if ya want lots of plants get some form of aqua soil. if you want a simple bare tank go simple bare tank cause the cherries can live in basically anything :)

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