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I agree with deadfish floating,what in relation to algae are you looking for?

If you have access to filtered waters especially reverse osmosis filtered tap water, all the better.

I use algae as the complete water conditioner,but if you don’t have this or the room and virtually no one does,use filtered waters,it gets out the alum-phosphorus that tests as phosphates and the list goes on, only miro life forms combined with plant life can absorb and convert these nasties!!!

With evaperation,this becomes more extreme as the air temp is either higher or lower then your tank waters in the room where your tank is located

When humidity is high or air and tank temps are very similar, you don’t loose much water.

Only H- hydrogen and 2o-Oxygen atoms as H2O evaporates more or less, everything else is left behind,pee which is protein-salt-nitrite and nitrate and many more substances are left behind as the H2O,which is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, now it floats away and makes clouds,lol!

Try to keep your temp around 24c and salinity at 1.024 and alls good.

Below 1.022 salt and the bacterial issues get nasty and above 25c temps, the oxygen that is avaliable gets rarer in your waters as the temp rises.

The more violent the action to your waters where it makes contact with the air,the more oxygen it will take on board.

Once you see the cyano from its photosynthesis with bubbles remaining intact until visible by you before they are let go, then you know your water is oxygen saturated.

The oxygen atoms in this action of H2O are not available as oxygen for your fish to breath!

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