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EOI: 6x2x2 full setup

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So no one has interest in this and I am guessing the price is not right. SO make me an offer instead. I have three weeks to offload them.

Eoi:6x2x2 full set up display quality

It is a sad day for me but it must be done as work home and family are conflicting at the present with this passion. SO this is what I have up for sale,

One six foot by two by two tank. It had a big revamp last year while I had time off work with the back ground being changed to the 3D Aqua One product. I used it also to make a lower wall half a foot out from the back to give the fish a series of caves. The down pipes are covered by two pvc pipes which have the same gravel used in the tank silicone'd to them. The lids were changed also to the sliding type you can see in the pictures.

FILTERS : Two Eheim Professional 3e canister filters. When purchased the going price

was $940 each. Now the two on this tank are two months old. These are

the bad boys you can hook up to your laptop to change flow settings and

see how dirty your filter is.

HEATER: 300 watt never had a problem keeping the tank at a constant temp.

LIGHTS: one t5 double light and one t8 double.

FISH: Ok so here we have five Discus four Flagtails one about 15 cm the others are

young some PNG rainbows Phantom tetra s L series cats there are 3 x 134 's

and 2 other L's but can't remember there number three Corydoras 2 hatchet


PLANTS: Anubias on timber, and rocks to go also. Couple of swords.

CONDITION: Pick up only.

LOCATION: Narangba, North Brisbane.

CONTACT: pm me if you have any questions or txt me 0408737963

PRICE: offers welcome

SEPERATE: So to save time no will not sell seperately as i need to get the whole lot

moved and do not have the time for it. But at this price I would like to

think of it as a steal and not need to do so. I will have two other tanks up

for sale also on the same deal. Package deal at a great price.

PICS: yes.


This is the sliding lids shot


and underneath


and one hi res shot a mate took last year


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