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Hi ..guys bout time i posted

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hi all..ive an interesting situation ocurring i my communal 3 ft tank

ive a male betta and a female betta living peacfully in the tank with other fish

they seem to take no notice of each other..they did flare initiallly, but have done with that ..in the tank ive guppies bettas platyies and 2 clown loaches all get on really well

any feedback wood be great ty ..hope i have posted in the rite area.ty

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you can get agresion due to manny factors witch is when they get mean, a few reasons of the top of my head ,,

1 anny fish with a deacent sized tail/fin's will get smashed by a male betta ,nothing is allowd to be preitier than a male betta in nature lol

2 when a male mates squizes the female betta he can kill her

3 if the male wants to mate and she dosent he may beat her to death

hideing places can help all fish , just increases personal space so to speek

just food for thaut

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