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system f/s

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i have my custom built tank/stand for sale.. tank is 3.5L x 15W x 17H comes with stand, hood, light, 200w jager heater powerhead and new ehiem canister filter, rocks and black substrate included if wanted (fish NOT included)

pm me or call me on 0433567664... downsizing as losing interest and work is priority atm


cheers mike




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And before dumping it why not drop the price for younger people just getting into the hobby? Even give it away to someone who couldnt afford it? Seems like a pretty selfish thing to do.

my friend, should i have put it up as free..... come with all the goodies at that price, eheim, jager?? hood twin tube light (wite,blue) rocks,pump etc, been for sale all day, THEN i dump... get 10 relpies within 5 mins.......................... tell me a bed time story mat attacks...... ??????

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I didn't say or think it was selfish. I just think it sucks that such a nice looking unit went to the tip. At least it's not crowding up your place anymore. And sometimes the hassle of dealing with buyers isn't worth the money. Any have a good one mate.

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