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My Quality Goldfish

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Hi guys

I got these goldfish from probably the best goldfish breeder in Aus (goldenswimmers:)) on friday, they got posted down from QLD. I got a breeding trio or ryukin one white male, calico male and a female red and white.Two nice oranda dont have pics of them sorry cause i couldnt catch them but one is blue and the other is orange and white and look very nice. I also got a VERY nice side view ranchu and one of the breeders creations witch he calls a "Chu Da" witch comes from two ranchu parents but has a fully formed dorsal finn, these are quite hard to come by.

I am keeping them outside in a bath tub and a big barrel but soon i will move them to some filtered tubs.

who looks better the goldfish or my brother?




and thanks again Brent, if anyone is after some quality goldys he is your man. The fish were packed extremly well and the goldfish are just beautfull.


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