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New shrimp colours Just keep apearing

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Hi guys my shrimps must have something going on with their genetics as I am getting some crazy colors and patterns now I have a good colony of Oranges .. they are coming along fine ..

I now have a Pink variety a New Ghost variety and a red stripy ghost … Almost clear shrimp with red lines ..

Anyway .. Im having heaps of fun with them and now got 6 tanks with very different colors .. I will post pics for you guys to have a sticky beak .. any way they look cool ..

I do have an albino in the lot also .. with pink eyes .. …


Red line ghost



Pink one


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Nothing special Les? I agree - just variability but, special - each and every one of them are in there own little way :)

Anyway, it all depends on how you sell them! Give them a fancy name and off you go...there was a grading systems for cherries posted a while ago (maybe on a diff site?)

But in any case, I'd be putting the albino in his/her own little tank with a special friend though...

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