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FS: 2 X Saddleback Loach or Orchid Loach or Gecko Loach or Lizard Loach

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FS/WTB/EOI:- For sale

Type of fish/goods:- 2 X Saddleback Loach or Orchid Loach or Gecko Loach or Lizard Loach

Sex(if known):- not known

Size/Rating:- 5-6cm approx

Breeding:- not known

Qty:- 2 - i bought three though, but can only see two, hence selling two, if we can find the third one it's free

Price:- Quick sale of $50 for the lot

Location:- Daisy Hill

Shipping Y/N:- Pick up only

Contact:- pm

Comments:- Dismantling my cube and all inhabitants have to go. I bought this as an oddball/unusual/you don't see much around fish for my pretentious L tank, but since I've lost the L-fever, I don't have a space for them where they'll be not be eaten. Will be good for an L tank or a new unusual addition to your Loach family. After a quick sell of the two or three if we can find it.

Here's a link on it's details:

Homaloptera orthogoniata — Loaches Online

Photos:- It's similar to the pic on the internet

It is the buyers responsibility to contact the seller, do not leave contact emails /phone numbers etc in posts as these will be removed by mods. Send a PM to seller or use there contact details as listed above

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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