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new guy

Breeding questions

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Hi everyone

I have just brought a few fish and am wanting to start breeding them I have

Electric yellows about 6cm

Cobolt blues about 8cm

Hongi 4-5 cm

frontosa 6@3cm 6@8-9cm

My questions are at what size will each of these fish start breeding

What is needed to breed these fish successfully

How do I determin males from females on these fish

What is the best water conditions for each of these fish

All help with this is greatly appreciated thank you to everyone in advance

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Hey mate goggle is your friend thats how i first started and a good book.

But to get you started....

Electric Yellows - Males will have black pelvic and anal fins and the females don't. But some females do have have some black on their pelvic fins.

As for size they shouldn't be far off at 6cm though the amount of fry will only be small to start off with.

Cobolt blues - Sexing these i have found hard i have some and still have troubles. I go by colouration my males are more of a vibrant blue.

Same as yellows they won't be far off breeding.

Hongi - I have owned these guys but never had them long enough to breed them. I do believe the males will have egg spots on their anal fin and will have a nice orange head and dorsal fin.

Where the female will be a duller colour.

Breeding around the same size of 8 cm.

Frontosa - These are best to be vented to be sexed properly. Males will have 2 small oo and the female will have one big O and one small o. Male oo, female oO.

Breeding is not to do with size but age with these guys. They will have to be 2.5 to 3 years before they start breeding.

In your tank you should put some terracota pots or some rocks so that the males can get their own territory and spawn with their female.

They are african fish so like the PH on the higher end of the scale around the 7.8 to 8.4.

But in saying that I find constant water parametres are better than trying to maintain it at a higher PH. Mine sits around the 7.6 to 7.8 in one system and my fronnies breed in it.

Hope that helps you.


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