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Ugly,very ugly,fish collected by the aandtsociety

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Check out this picture of an angler fish we got today on the club collecting trip, only a mother could love that face, Yuk!!!

I know lots of hobbyists that love these things, but I can’t stand them, I was almost sick hanging on to it for the photo.eeerrr.

We see heaps of these in certain spots, mainly the other coloured ones, yellow that sought of thing, but we wont touch them normally, we leave them for the commercial guys to get, but one of the guys has been pushing for one for ages, he will probably be very excited to get it, I’m wouldn't!!!i hope its long time before I hang onto another one of these things for any one.

The horrible things have arms and they use them to work around on your hand, that’s like some kind of horror movie.

The trips videos and pics are in our club section on the forum if you want to look or just Waite, it will be in the snorkelling ,boating---section in a few days so you don’t have to register to see that one, its all good.


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