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Bay Fish ya miserable buggers

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Boo and hiss to Bay fish. I used to visit there web site every week or tow to get an idea as to what fish are floating around. You get to know who buys from Bay and hence instead of going visiting and coming home disappointed I could see when I absolutely had to go fish shopping.

Now the miserable buggers have locked me out.

I liked there site so much I sent them a picture of my big fenestratum to use for there advertising.

Please Bay think of us hobbyists, your end customers, and let us see what is coming.

(And I do like ya Bay as you are one of the p=only ways to get good German Apistos in Qld.)

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I'm with you GB. This is a bad move for the company in my eyes. Plenty of hobbiests view the site weekly to see the new stuff thats available and then order it through the LFS you go to. This has now taken this avenue away and will definately affect sales. Poor form.

I'm now going to have to resort from stealing the pricelist from my LFS counter when they are not looking...

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I don't think that will affect their business too much, they rarely sell any of the sort after Tanganyikans, they're in stock but want too much for them. They don't get any new americans in that you guys won't know about.

If you want something get your LFS just get them to try and order it in from Bay.

Some things are better being locally bred anyway.

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Hey Stace

I guess my point is this, if we don't have access to the website to see whats available then we won't know what to buy that tickles our fancy. LFS owners won't show customers the pricelist and nor should they. Things like wild caught kribs and the different collection points, you have never heard of let alone specifically ask for them.

For me, and GB at a guess, its the little known oddballs that pop up from time to time that make it worth while checking the site weekly. Whether it be a new apisto sp. or a long forgotten Orange Chromide. I don't care for the electric yellows, mainganos, red devils etc cause as you said you can get them cheaper, better quality and hand pick them from breeders.

In the big scheme of things this will probably hurt LFS more. Naturally Bayfish won't be overly affected by this change as they sell bread and butter by the thousands Australia wide. If little Johnny see's a fish thats not openly available on Bays site, and then orders 5 through his LFS, who they then order another 10 for shits and giggles to sell to customers who wouldn't have seen these fish before. Customers come into the shop to buy a fish and walk out with these rare fish they haven't seen before and weren't intending on buying but did so because they were there. LFS has already pre-sold a third of them so he's happy and Johnny is happy cause he got what he wanted. All because he could see Bayfish website.

You know it makes sense...kinda :?

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I have to agree here, whats the harm in showing what stock is available? We could never see the prices anyway unless we signed in with an account. I don't understand the logic in hiding the site from average joe fish keepers.

They basically copied Aquarium Industries...(Monkey see Monkey do)

This should cure everyones craving appetite for veiwing available fishies perhaps


Here is a great site for forum members...http://www.ausyfish.com/introduction.htm lets take a trip there? any interest?

Here is a good link for beginners for care sheets and info http://aquariumindustries.com.au/fishcare.php?cat_id=116

Well hope this helps people


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To enlighten you,i know some people well enough that i get to peruse the price list each month and even take it home

This month had a few Dwarf Cichlids in it and they were very cheap at under $10, but we are moving and i am working 3 days away from home so do not want to get anymore fish at this stage

From memory they had Double reds and McMasteri

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I'm with you Steve!

Have Bay employed some x...AI execs worried about their jobs???

May have imported some stupid ideas too!!!

I had an on going email dialogue with AI trying to get them to publish their fish list

....but they knew better

mmmmm....perhaps not!

Dumb move in my opinion

I've bought a lot of dwarf cichlids and Wild bettas from their list that would never been stocked by my LFS

In the end it's their loss....I can sort myself out.... ;)

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The point seems to have been lost as this thread has progressed. Thanks Rod for bringing it back.

Its not about who has or hasn't got access to a Bayfish pricelist. We have 2 major wholesalers of ornamental fish in Australia. Aquarium Industries and Bayfish. AI has a closed site not offering anything to the public. Bayfish has now gone this way as well. At least in the past you could browse Bayfish's website from home and get an idea of whats available. Now you have to ring your LFS weekly to see whats new. They will soon get sick of that. Remembering that not all LFS are actively part of a forum like this. Its also Australia wide. I've been here for 1 year now and the stores over here buy from Bayfish and AI 90% of the time. No big breeders so choice is limited. You then have to rely on the LFS to order the oddballs that present themselves on the lists, which they are reluctant to do because half the time they don't know what they are looking at.

So in many cases Australia wise, unless your into guppies, goldfish, tetras, feeder barbs, gouramis and cories then choice will be limited by the discretion of the LFS. Its just another avenue that has been taken away from the general public with internet access.

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Shit I hope you don't lose any sleep over it. {jok}

Buy contacting your lfs about whats available to looking online at a wholeslaer..... hmmm :egeek2: I mean really, comes down to brfriending lfs staff, not hard.

I prefer the lfs thing myself, places like Aquariums Alive, Aquarium Petland, Wetpetz, Annerley, Beenleigh Aquarium, MikeW...... do better than Bay in my opinion. They get stuff in thats not on the Bay list, plus they get the Bay lists too.

Anyway, any excuse to pop into a lfs for a chat :lol:

Frenchy :sheep:

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That's it Frenchy!! Best to be friendly anyway ;) might get close to mates rates :lol:

If it's not on the Bay list and it's importable and someone wants to order it, i'm sure they'll get some in, and then the rest will stay there until they are sold.

It is unfair that the list is blocked but that's what books are for, i found all the fish i like thru aquarium books and google.

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The only thing I lose sleep over are my kids still waking up a few times a night :soppy:

You are definately spoilt for choice over there when it comes down to LFS. If we want something over here 9 times outa 10 it comes from over there. Seems most of the good stuff is in Qld for the time being.

I've always maintained a good relationship with my LFS. Both stores in my town are franchise stores but will still be open to getting new fish in. One gives me AI and Bay lists but still not the same to me as looking online weekly to see whats new. I guess Bay just threw out my bookmarks. Now I have to reorder them which is a bitch :alien:

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Sorry.... ;) I think you are missing the point...Stace and Frenchie

If it's on the Bay List.....you still have to order it though the lfs.....no one has said it's a way to avoid the lfs

but it is a way for them to get more business....you can't order it if you don't know it's there!!!

some fish they only get every couple of years.....you can't ask your LFS everyweek if they are available!

How about providing a logical reason why it's good business for a wholesaler....ANY WHOLESALER!!!! to keep their stock list a secret to the General public....sure the price list should be confidential

There are lots of alternatives...Fantastic alternatives!! to Bay and AI.....but it's still not the point!!!

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I do get the point Rod. Funny how everyone mentions Bay. There are more importers out there & you don't get to se there lists. As I said befriend the lfs, no problem. If you look at Bay once a week, why can't ya contact a lfs once a week. Trust me Bay won't lose sleep if a hobbyiest misses out on a new item. You wouldn't even be 1% of a sales market. Where is the bad business.

Which brings me back to the lfs. If you are that important a customer, then when something new pops up, the lfs will contact you. I have seen this done in a few lfs too. I believe this is a case of crying over spilt milk.

& Moses, some of the rare goodies I have bought over the years has apparently come in via Perth. Look around.

Frenchy :sheep:

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Some fish are just off the radar....

I bought several pair of Nanochromis(Congochromis) dimidiatus .....from Bay via my LFS

This is a fish I hadn't seen for 40 YEARS and didn't think I'd ever see again.

Hardly a fish I'd ask the LFS to look out for.....or anyone else for that matter

I'm not going into my LFS and ask to look at their Wholesale list to see what I fancy....their list shows prices.

Not being able to change a decision doesn't make it smarter

Imagine if ALL WHOLESALERS published their lists....and you could rock up to the lfs and order what you want

Sounds like good business for wholesaler....he may sell his stock quicker and get an introduction to a retailer who may not yet buy from him

Sounds like good business for the LFS.....sold fish before they arrive!

I know there are a few LFS upset with wholesalers who are selling dry goods direct to the public....that's understandable

but this brings the lfs business....it doesn't rob it from them.

No Big deal....it wont worry me....I have a solution...I'm Happy!

Eventually all retailers will be like "Livefish" and they will publish on the net...their wholesalers lists with their prices....if they don't they wont be in Business.... ;)

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I will vote for the what has happened/happening in USA. LFS are a thing of the past, becoming very rare. There are an odd few. But they can't compete with dry good wholesalers that sell to public & chain stores who under cut on live stock.

Sure for us to buy odd ball stuff, hopefully there are guys still doing that in the future. But we are a very small part of the market. so who knows.

Frenchy :sheep:

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I do get the point Rod....

Doesn't sound like it??

Funny how everyone mentions Bay. There are more importers out there & you don't get to se there lists...

true but wouldn't it be Good if you could!...Wouldn't publishing their list give those wholesalers an advantage on their opposition??

As I said befriend the lfs, no problem. If you look at Bay once a week, why can't ya contact a lfs once a week

....Good idea....but does't explain the logic behind the decision!

Trust me Bay won't lose sleep if a hobbyiest misses out on a new item. You wouldn't even be 1% of a sales market. Where is the bad business...

Perhaps I find out Bay has species X...I order them from shop Y....I'm Happy and post photo's.....lots of other people order from their LFS....Good business for Bay.....Good business for LFS....no risk of expensive fish dieing before sold or not being of interest to customers

Which brings me back to the lfs. If you are that important a customer, then when something new pops up, the lfs will contact you....

Again True....but they are very busy...I've often ordered fish off the net before LFS realised they were available and again doesn't explain the logic??? I'm not looking to increase their workload...just make life simpler

I have seen this done in a few lfs too.....

Me too

I believe this is a case of crying over spilt milk....

No....just interested to understand the thinking behind the decision???

I've been involved in discussions on this issue on other forums....but relavent to AI not Bay

What I find interesting is there are plenty of suggestions on alternate solutions...ie talk to your lfs,or talk to your lfs,or talk to your lfs,or talk to your lfs

but NO ONE has nominated a theory or stated a reason as to why LFS would see wholesalers publishing their stock list to the General public as a problem.....I don't need to be told alternatives....I have plenty

but I would be interested to see if any LFS owners could voice a logical comment as to why it's a problem and How it could have a detrimentantal effect on their business???

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I get the point about relationships with LFS - but I don't like my LFS so drive to the south side when I go shopping at the golden triangle - now the golden square with fishchicks a must visit - but I can't go every weekend - I can go online every week but. To me it is kinda like checked the weather before going to the beach so you know when it is going to be sunny. (and it as never foolproof as some fish would go straight to store and not make it onto there web site - so you gotta just check sometimes with a quick visit).

From Bay's point of view it should make perfect sense. the reality is that the LFS is not Bay's customers, we the purchasers are. The LFS is just a step in the path to market for Bay, and Bay should be doing everything they can to talk to us - good business. Bay was ahead of the pack in this regard with a web site designed to talk to the end customer, as well as targeting the need of there "distributors" and has dropped back to the pack. Still as Rod said - it work for AI :twisted:

This is what we do in the business I work in, I want my product and name talked about with potential customers, and we get some good ideas from it too.

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I can see both sides of the story here the oly shops I have near me are very tiny and don't have the room to hold for me if I can't get there on delivery day. My nearest aquarium shop though is about 30k's away.

I enjoyed seeing what bay had to offer so I could organise a species I hadnt seen for a while but I am not worried though shopping around the different shops you can quite often see something that even bay doesn't have.

A few Sydney shops are now starting to put list on their website and will sell interstate. Quite often they get from a local breeder and will quite often be cheaper than the lfs can get off Bay and the others.

Not saying this is how it should be, but it is happening. All I know is when my new room is finished and it has just made it harder for me to make a call get a price and order if evrything works out well. Just my opinion.

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