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I have a problem with whitespot in my goldfish grow-out pond, the pond (above ground swimming pool - 4,000L-5,000L) has been set up for about 2 1/2 months running with 15 goldfish and some big clumps of pond plants. After checking the goldfish yesterday I noticed a single oranda with with white spot. Upon closer inspection today i found MINOR infections on 1 or 2 others. Catching the fish without stressing them out isn't really an option since the pond is SO big. What do you recommend i treat them with. I looked at treating with Potasium Permangenate or Malachite green but the huge size is pretty inhibitive. I read on google that salt treatment works well so i was thinking of going along this path but was wondering what you thought?

Problem:- White spot

Ph:- (Will Try and Test Water Parameters Soon)






Size of tank:- 4,000-5,000 Litres (Old Above Ground Pool)

Temperature °C:- Below 15

Been running for:- 2 Months

Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:-

Fish in tank:- 15 Goldfish at 5cm

Plants in Tank:- 3 Big Clumps of Reeds (Brought from Bunnings), Mini Waterlilly and Vallisneria

Feeding:- Tetra Goldfish Flake Once a Day

Recent Medication Treatments:-

Last water change:-

Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly

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Hey Aqua addict..wheres the white spots?....thats how you will be able to tell if its sexing based as Ghost said it could be males getting into the groove....but at 5cm Im not thinking they are getting ready for lovin.... ;) if its white spot...it might be easier to catch the fish(lure them to the surface with a small amount of flake food)with a big net..being only 5cm you should get a few with each scoop :)...its not easy to treat a large body of water and in my opinion you would be wanting to do a bit of serious water change too ..I have had success doing this in the past with white spot break out as you need good water conditions to fight the break out(it stays in the water)...but also 2 months isnt very long for such a large body of water so your water levels might be a bit unstable(what type of water is in the pool? Is it just dechlorinated tap water??.)....so Id catch the 15 little guys...treat them in a seperate tank/tub....do a 50% water change...and maybe let this water cycle longer and look at adding the little guys back in after a few more weeks(after they are all healthy and your water gets a few more of the good bacteria happening)...and then if all is ok look at putting them back in...

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Thanks for the advice guys, I'm pretty sure it's whitespot the oranda has 'spots' on his caudal, dorsal and pectoral fins with a few on his body so i'm pretty sure that it is whitespot. In think I will have to look into removing them and treating them seperately probably will produce the best results... I'll try and keep you posted.

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