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FS: Cyprichromis Microlepidotus Caramba Fry

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Type of fish/goods:- Cyprichromis Microlepidotus Caramba Fry

Sex(if known):- Unknown

Size/Rating:- about 4-5cm

Breeding:- No

Price:- $370 for the group of 10

Location:- Can meet Northside or Southside Brisbane

Shipping Y/N:- Yes

Contact:- 0432 079 549

Comments:- Great looking fish, pretty rare!

Not wasting my time for just a couple

They are open water water dweller which like to be in schools

Photos:- Males vary in all sorts of colours, they throw a mixture of coloured variants




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I will get at "least" six of these before xmas, and prob another five of the nigripinnis all in one hit. :)

Can i mix the two or best in seperate species tanks? Also need to set up another tank haha. (Anyone seliing small/med tanks PM me :) )

These fish are awsome but, i reconise them easy and pics do not do justice!

Time to go research tangs i think :P Im already in love with the five i got,such different natures to the typical african imo.

Just pm me if your going to run out before xmas. SUPER KEEN! Cheers Angel

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:D thanks for the comment!

These guys are best in at least 10 and 10 is all I have for now...

But you will need a bigger tank as they get a pretty big size compared to the nigripinnis and need lots more room for swimming and showing off (mine were still pretty young)

The lepto utintas on the other hand stay quite small (in the orange occie tank?)

Feel free to ask me questions though



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