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male betta not building nest?????

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hey i got a male crowntail betta and female normal tail both from different sources kept seperately i have settet up a breeding tank for them they have been in the tank for 36 hours but still no sign of nest just a few little bubles under the styrofoam cup female is kept on the bottle in the same tank he is flaring to her and she flares back its just that he is not building his nest what do i do? (its the fella in my profile picture, also what would u describe his colours?) cheers

the tank set up is 20 litre lank with lid, heater, sponge filter, floating plants and hide log




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G'day Super,

From looking at your first photo, you may have too much surface movement because of your sponge filter. Most betta breeders will limit the bubble rate from sponge filters down to one bubble per second. Quite often the styrofoam cup is taped to the side glass so surface movement can not enter the open end of the cup. That way the surface tension holds the nest much better.

A lot of breeders like to use an Indian Almond Leaf or Banana leaf, to help make the water "sticky". The tannins released make the surface of the water a little oily, similar to very weak dish washing liquid. This helps hold the bubble nest together better.

Feed both fish protein rich foods, live black worms, live mosie larvae, frozen brine shrimp (defrosted in a small container of tank water first) to condition them. When the female displays vertical bars, she's ready to breed, as seen in this video.

As an aside. Unrelated bettas don't necessarily make for the best pairings. Many breeders are trying for a certain tail and/or body and/or scale types. If you have two unrelated pairs, you may not know the ancestry of one or both of the fish which means you don't the know possible tail types that the offspring will have or colours.

It's hard to tell what type of female betta you have, It may be a plakat HM or a HM female, or could be a plakat HM female but carries HM genes as well (meaning one parent was a plakat HM and the other was a HM so it carries both sets of genes). It does look like it may be a traditional royal blue with red wash. But it's hard to tell from those photos.

So when people are trying to breed a certain line bred form, they often use sibling pairs, or unrelated pairs of the same line bred form that they know the ancestry of.

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End tank on the right, that's how I do it. Breeder net in the tank. When the female is ready, I let her out at lights out (5pm). If they aren't wrapping when I get up at 9am, (I get home at 1:10am from work people, give me a break) then I put her back in the sorority tank (bottom shelf) for a week, then try conditioning again in the breeder net.


Bubble nest under the IAL.


Ready to spawn, checking out the males bubble nest. Video Link.


Wrapping and collecting egss. Video Link


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currently running 26 degrees but my question havent been answered still i asked why me male doesnt buils nest not how to breed them i have bred them 3 times never used almond leaves and alwayr raised successfully many young i just got this pair together for the first time they r showing interest in each other just male doesnt build the nest he might be re3tarded should i just go and buy different one??but i really like his colours though

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Mmmm I was suggesting because of the surface movement and open end of the styro cup that your male may not be able to build a successful bubble nest.

I wasn't aware that you had experience with bettas before. Just trying to help. Otherwise, I have no idea why your male won't build a bubble nest. Good luck.

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hmmmm ok i am not saying i am an expert just saying i know the basics well yesterday i tried releasing the female in the males tank for couple of hours as some people suggested that some male bettas build their nest on-the-go so i let her out he was chasing her than going under the cup but no sign of nest after couple of hours so i take her out and feeding both bloodworms will put together again next week to see if they do something if not i am just gonna buy different male

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you tell us nothing

no water test details

no diet

no age of fish

no idea of how you have primed them

the fish in questions breeding history


raise the temperature to 28 deg

slow down aerator

add almond leaf

feed blackworm

wait until girl in fry saver shows stripes

then if she doesnt jump in, let her out

rescue before he kills her

and she may have even laid

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well how am i ment know the age i bought the male in exotic fish connections and female from someone on markets have fed them high quality betta food now feeding dried blood worms and i dont have almond leaves and as i said i neved used them and all of my 3 previous experiences with breeding them i never used these leaves and secusefully raised many fry and to spend high$ just for breeding these is not worth it if i had some fancy ones maybe but these r just comon cheepie ones

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Ok. Deep breath every one. :-).

I know of a successful spawn that didn't have 1 bubble blown. The boy spat eggs under foam cup and just used surface tension to support the eggs. These hatched normally just more work for the boy. :-). Some of my boys have not blown a bubble until the girl was released which I found good because it gave her time to chill without being chased and harassed as he was blowing nest. Some blow a small nest then once spawning starts they go crazy so nest is massive once they finish. One spawn I have now, the boy had a massive nest before I released her and when they finished the nest was the size of a 5c piece.

I believe the fishes body language is much more important than a bubble nest. She should be barred up and Flarring back at male, full of eggs and he should be flirtatious, not agro. Then release female and watch and pray. Lol.

Sometimes even the best fish on the best setup won't spawn. No matter what you do. :-(

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