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What shrimps to Breed???

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Hey guys,

Recently decommissioned my 3ft cichlid tank with the plans of setting it up as a shrimp breeding tank. Currently I have the shrimp substrate in, filter + chiller connected and the new water cycling. While I'm on the hunt looking for the right piece of driftwood, I wanna start thinking about what I want to breed. I hbe successfully bred RCS for the past 6-12 months, but I wanna move onto something more exotic.

I don't want to make squillions from shrimp breeding but I would like in the future be able to sell them (when the bans lifted from here) and not be stuck with a whole heap of shrimp that nobody wants and I can't get rid of. Shrimp keeping/breeding is going to be my hobby, whereas electrical is my income earner.

So what is a good specie to start breeding. I was thinking the faithful CRS or CBS. Is there something else out there that is alittle more rarer than the cherries I currently own. Obviously wanna start of small, and don't wanna fork out 100-200$+ per initial shrimp.

Thanks for your input :)

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