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Change of Guard 2

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Dear Members

I feel very positive about all the upcoming changes and the renewed vigour that's being injected into the Forum with Russ and Webmaster's new leadership.

As recently mentioned to the moderating team, the time I can devote to the required Admin role/duties is limited (as you've all no doubt noticed in past months) and it would not be fair to Russ and Webmaster for me to stay on. Furthermore, I think it wise for me to also move on so past detractors of the Forum can clearly see a 'change in management' so to speak. This fresh start, along with all these great upcoming initiatives/changes, should certainly keep members meaningfully involved and engaged with the hobby. The proposed direction of our Forum is an exciting one and I wish everyone in the mod team the best and continued loyalty to Russ and Webby. Indeed, I can step down knowing that our Forum is certainly in good hands.

I look forward to being a regular member again of this great Forum and welcome the opportunity to meet more and more new members.

Thanks all


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