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Where to buy small amount of glass nth side?

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I need 2 new sheets of glass to replace some front panels on some tanks im rebuilding.

I need 2 off 900mmx450mm.

Have called a few glaziers, prices vary but last mob I called wanted $35 per sheet of 6mm 900x450.

Of course Im just some guy off the street with a tiny order, but still, I think $35 per sheet is a bit steep.

Can anyone recomend somewhere North side, prefferably around Brendale/Strathpine area?


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$35 bucks each sheet is a good price.

yeh maybe your right, but at that price it just doesnt make it worthwhile replacing them compared to the cost of a new tank.

Like alot of things these days. If its broke maybe you shouldnt fix it even if you can - just go buy a new one for the same money.

Was discussing this about replacement impellors for a $100 canister. may aswell put the $30 towards a new canister.

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nah mate the front panels arnt broken, just scratched.

btw, I actually have a caboolture tank, 6fter and its fine. didnt pay much for it though so at the time thought "what the heck" Ill give it a go. Been set up for over 12 months.

(I have had a few hairs shaved off my arms reaching into the tank lol, but it holds water fine)

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