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Meet the new Webmaster

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Hello all!

I’d like to take the time to introduce myself…. I’m the new webmaster and Russ has enlisted my help with the technical running and development of the forum.

You may have already seen me poking around and you may have already noticed some changes I’ve made.

I’d like to fill you in on what’s been done and give you a sneak peak at some of the stuff that’s still coming.

One of the first things you may have noticed, if you are using the default theme, is that we now have fishies instead of folders to mark each section. I’ve also done some work on the chat room and it now works and is much more user friendly. So invite your friends to come try it out! Unfortunately at the moment it still won’t work on tablets, phones or very small laptops but this is something we will look to fix in the future.

You will also notice the mods, section mods and admin have a new colour code to make them easy to identify…

RED = Admin

GREEN = Moderator

BLUE = Section Mod

I’m also currently working on adding the ability to add prefixes to certain sections, like the trader, which will hopefully make it faster and easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

I’ll also be doing some, reorganizing of the different forum sections to (hopefully) make it easier to navigate the site :) I know this may cause some temporary inconvenience as you figure out where everything is so if you can’t find the trader and you start to panic…..just take a deep breath and keep looking, it’ll still be there... somewhere. I promise. :)

There are many more exciting things on the way including a major upgrade to the site sometime in the future which will open up a whole new world of benefits and features like a ranking system for members and the ability for the forum to go mobile on your iPhone or smart phone but more about that as we get closer.

In the mean time I hope you enjoy the small changes and if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know.



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I think the changes are good. I have not been on this particular forum for long, but already like it. The members are great (sucking up much) and the addition subtle changes to the background and icons breaks it up from the boring old "general forum" style that most sites run.

Keep up the good work Webmaster!

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So why so long to introduce your self?

"Joined" 10 months ago, yet only appeared when Russ took over.

Just curious is all.

Ahhh, very good detective work :) It's because the account was set up by the previous forum owner but never activated. I simply took over the account when Russ took over.

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