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baby bn dying but only like 2% of the total

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all water parameters fine and the total size of the system is 750 litres (sumped system)

today i found 2 or 3 of the babies dead and when i had a closer look at them they looked like they where pretty skinny.

there is another one in there that looks skinny as well and may have like some kind of wispy thingys on its fins and tail, it could be like a long fin but the parents are all common short fin so i dont think so.

I have algae wafers, capsicum and zucchini in the tank atm feeding the babies and adults. do u need to feed a different food for the babies that is softer etc (frig just remembered about the blanched lettuce)

is it normal if this is the first time the trio have bread that they have some dodgy babies like runts or bad genes for those 2%.

thanks guys

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yeah i might get some after i do my first sale of BN I found today that the BN trio has breed again so i will have another 50 or so growing up again.

i was just wondering what is the difference with some of my BN, i can see some really dark babies and some light ones. they do not look like albino and the parents are normals (one a lot darker than the other)

or are these lighter ones or darker ones still classified as normal bn?

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