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Thankyou to mrnos

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Some months ago I purchased 1 male and 2 female FESTAE from MRNOS. Within a couple of weeks the girls had ganged up on the young lad and stripped him of scales and killed him. A few weeks later I got another male from MRNOS and this time I was a little more careful and when I thought I had a pair I seperated them to their own tank. All was good for a couple of weeks and then she turned on him and alas another male gone.

A few weeks ago out of desperation I went back to MRNOS and explained my problem. He not only offered to exchange a female for a male, he also housed the females with his males for around 3 weeks until he believed there was a pair in the making. I have had them back here for about 2.5 weeks now and after keeping them seperated with egg crate for a week I have now let them in together. The action started immediately and I stood there for around 2 hours watching them carry on with each other. Before I put them together she was very dull in colour with just a bit of very pale orange / red on her fins and parts of the body. 1.5 weeks later as can be seen from the photos she is a totally different looking fish and while there is no sign of egg laying yet it is hopefully not too far away.

While the fish were with MRNOS and he was trying to keep them all from killing each other his wife was ready to have a baby almost any day but he still found time to help.

As things stand now it looks like I have a mated pair of Festay and Daren has a new Son so I just want to say a big thankyou and congratulate Daren and his wife on the arrival of their son.

I had to use a flash on the photos so they are not perfect.




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Cheers Peter, happy to help, hopefully the girl heals up now that they're getting along.

I'd rather help someone out with fish than see it going bad and loose more of these stunning fish. Let me know if you need a hand with anything else.

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