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FS- Spectrum Thera A 2.27kg

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Hey guys, was searchin through the fridge and found nearly a full bucket of Thera A which i forgot i had in there. There is hardly any pellets missing i only brought it a couple weeks before i sold everything.

Asking $85 firm

Cheers Nick



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Hey, Ive used this product for my africans for years and i found it the best fish food available

Hope this helps


New Life Spectrum Premium Fish Food is simply the best aquarium diet on the market.

New Life Spectrum not only increases the color and vitality of both freshwater and marine fish, it provides essential elements found in the natural environment that are missing from aquariums. All natural New Life Spectrum contains no hormones.

It noticeably increases color and vigor in all fishes saltwater and freshwater

http://www.aquacave.com/spectrum-thera- ... -1007.html

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