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E.O.I 6x2x2

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looking to move on one of my 6ft so currently taking offers its a 6x2x2 not display quality on a open pine stand with stained pine sloping hood doesnt have correct lids but comes with some glass that does the job back of tank is painted black has approx 80kg of gravel in it comes with cannister filter 6ft light 300w heater 1800lph internal filter 4ft air stone current inhabitants are 1 x large oscar , 1 large jag, 2 x large silver dollars , 1 breeding pair of jack dempseys, albino pleco approx 25cm will seperate for right offer

lava rock not included unless i get the right offer

stupid offers will be ignored

will take $300 if gone today






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•Sellers may not ‘bump’ their thread within 48 hours – ‘bumping’ includes simply posting an emoticon, posting ‘pm sent’ etc with no major updates. We are a very busy / active forum and this is the fairest way for everyone to have an opportunity to trade.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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