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repairing broken tank

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check out Mikes (cichlidwife) DIY rebuilds in the DIY section.

if you take your time and do it right its not too complicated.

Main thing will be the price for a replacement panel vs new tank.

yeah ijust priced the glass and that is $85 and i can get a near new one for $120,i think ill just buy the tank and save myself the hassle

no brainer. not worth it.

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Hey mate here's a thread from age of aquariums one of the sponsors on here.....

Glass Aquariums now available from AOA - New container just arrived. Hi All,

We have just imported our first container of Fish tanks. Beveled edges , new glass and pricing includes lids. All aquariums meet current safety specifications. All tanks listed below are currently in stock. We are able to freight the tanks at the buyers expense. Please email sales@aquariumproducts.com.au for a quote on freight if needed. QLDAF Members receive a 10% discount off these advertised prices.

Here is a link,


L x W x H

610mm x 305mm x 305mm $35.00

760mm x 380mm x 380mm $50.00

910mm x 380mm x 457mm $85.00

1220mm x 380mm x 457mm $105.00

1220mm x 457mm x 457mm $130.00

1220mm x 610mm x 610mm $215.00

1830mm x 610mm x 610mm $360.00

$215 for a 4x2x2 brand new is pretty cheap

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I personally think making a new tank would be better.

not sure if its cheaper to repair or to make a new tank in aussie, but a new tank would definitely give you a peace of mind... i've woke up at 3am in the morning with 1/2 my living flooded once... not fun at all....

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Yeah it's been patched before and the crack has got worse. I may be able to repatch it will look at it a bit more when I get home

If your base cracks say half way across your better off tapping the crack till its all the way over that way it can't crack anymore. If its half way and a rock drops same side it's going to crack back on itself and outside the patch !

Sounds like yours has seen better days the only other thing to do is stick a new bottom on the outside


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