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Umm, what's this? Is it bad?

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I have a couple of common BN fry with these dark spots on their faces. The photo shows what i'm talking about.

I have 2 that i can see from that batch of fry with these spots. This is the first batch from these parents. Everything is testing ok, and all the other fry are fine. As you can see this 1 in the photo is a little bit of a lighter brown to the other smaller ones around him. They are from a later batch, but others from the same batch are still a nice dark colour.

Umm, What is it? Is it bad? Will it effect the others?

Thanks for the help..


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Water test results?

most likely nothing

but may be the begining of finrot (columnaris)

high organics content of the water and warmer than usual temps can trigger these

so turning down the heater to 24degC and getting in a 30% partial water change, can often help out a lot.

If the noses start to go white, or you notice fin damage, I reccomend looking into Voogle.

Voogle is a new product from the easylife crew, and its very effective at strengthening the immune systems of young fish.

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Temp was on 26, so i turned it down a bit. I'll keep an eye on it so it settles around 24.

Ph was bang on 7.0

I dont have a nitrate test.

Nitrite was < 0.1

Ammonia 0

What do you mean by??

high organics content of the water

I googled voogle, it sounds like good stuff. I'll see if i can get my hands on some today or tomorrow. I want to get this sorted soon because the larger fry are just getting to the magic 3cm mark, but i dont want to give anyone dodgy fish.

Thanks for the help.

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high organics, is any of many things

nitrates, or tannins or any of the millions of things foods break down too.

I have bred my share of b/n

and I know how quickly stuff can build up in a tank full of fry

its hard to give it a worthy clean with all the bubs running around

and you need to add so very much food

basically the bacteria that breaks down waste

can increase to such high levels

because of the organic load in the tank

that they can move from composting "dead" organic material

and instead move onto eating slimecoat and even live flesh.

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