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Sera and NEW Hikari

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Is finally back in stock and on the shelves! Thank you to everyone for their patience! If you want anything put aside, please just call the shop.

Also NEW!!!! Hikari Seaweed Extreme


"A brand new complete and balanced daily diet for all types of marine herbivores has been launched by Hikari called Seaweed Extreme. Available in both wafer and pellet formats Hikari Seaweed Extreme contains 67% natural seaweed, making it instantly attractive to herbivorous species."

We tested this out the last couple of days and we like it. When you put it in its a hard pellet and then it softens a bit. The fish kinda look at it, some try it - and then WOOOOW! The ones that tried it were whizzing around trying to get as much as they can. Prices start at $10.95 for a small packet of pellets.

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