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LED Lighting

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I know there have been a few threads on this a while back but I have a 8x2.5x2.5ft setup with t5 lighting at the moment. With a ballast broken I was considering making the switch to LED when I saw these:

Led aquarium light with Moon light 120cm 4ft | eBay

Some people feel that it would be enough light and some don't so I was wondering if there was anyone who has actually seen if this is good enough for the 2.5ft depth. By the way I don't have too much in the way of plants as I have an Arowana, Rays and Cichlids so am not too concerned with plant growth, only that the tank is well lit.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I'm starting up an 8x2x800 so am pretty much in the same boat except I want plants and a decent moonlight.

3w gets down 2ft for corals and plants. The 20W must be somethng wrong as it has 176 lights for a 4ft. I always assumed 1W per globe as minimum as this is what I have seen with most others. In the end you get what you pay for so don't be upset if it is ****ty.

I have been looking into building my own and installing nto the hood with parts from Jaycar and placing a perspex barrier between the lights and tank but can't seem to find the all the right parts there as they all suffer from NFI when it comes to lighting. I'm getting answers like what's a 3w cree LED?

I have looked at the strip lights and some are water resistant / proof and seem to be a good option but they don't have any data on Lumens, Kelvins and so forth. I have seen them in display cabinets in some jewelery stores and are very bright. So am thinking of just trying 1 of the blue strips out for a moonlight to see what happens.

Another option is I seen 10w LED spotlights in the local light shop who also suffer from NFI. I mean where can you talk to someone knowledgeable that you can buy a light for a tank? At least the exterior spottys where round $60ea - prob 4 -6 would do and bargain down the price for a really bright atmosphere.

Let me know if you do buy that LED or what you chose to do.

Cheers Roman

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Don't want to pay for high end LED's unfortunately... I'd preffer to spend on high end fish, and then filters, and then tanks and then stands, and then food, and then heaters, and then substrate, and then plants, and then chems, and then beer, and then lights. Hence the DIY LED lighting

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I'd rather spend my time playing with my fish and prawns.

Than trying to DIY lighting.

Easy enough to short out a whole bank of LED, and all of a sudden your cheap DIY, becomes an expensive project.

Also pretty tricky to get all the features and modes that the high end models come with.

Not saying its not possible, or that you couldnt do them.

But for me...... I'd rather plug and play.

And spend my time on the actual livestock.

All I have ever asked of my aquarium products is that they serve me well until I give them permission to die.


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Seems like you have lots of time... Enough to find a suuitable clip for every one of your posts. LOL!

I'm a stay at home dad so would like to say I have more time than some. I have been very succesfull with all my DIY projects cause I like to read alot and do the research. The problem is finding the right info.

There are circuits out there, arduino or similar that you can program to do what you want... even set it up the same as those Austrian units that cost a kidney, leg and right nut.

Or a cheap substitute is to set several timers to different ballasts controlling certain LED's

My Claritec 15000UV I have set a timer for every 12hrs to switch off for 15min to have the same "feature" as the FX5... release any air bubbles that can build up inside. Still think the Claritec is the best thing you could ever attach to a tank as far as a canister goes.

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I have one off eBay, 38x3wt "bulbs" =5' on a 4x2x2. The blue light works fine at that depth by itself and both colours together are more than enough light. if you can get it cheap at auction on eBay then get it or if you want it now, the 4' is about $170-180 and the 5' is $200-$220. If you want a light just to see fish, the t-5 would b fine. As for plants at that depth, 1st I would probably double it up and look into a 225led panel for the red- they look awesome either way :) and secondly you will want at least 10cm of gravel so your water depth is going to be at max 50cm. (If its a 80cm deep tank you will need a metal hallide full stop) which - thirdly... The cost of decent leds both in strength and quality is going to be more than a mj lite anyway.

Plus, I have a deck led light that was flat this morning and I left it 50cm under 2 of the blu/wht leds and I just checked it when I read it post and its fully charged. Personally I would go for 2wts/lt up to 5 for higher light plants. Hope this helps a bit but I gotta go bid.

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