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Hay guys.

i have recenltty got into tang cichlids and atm i have 6 black calvus.

just wanting a few ideas they are all about 3-5cm and icurrently have them in a 2 foot tank.

1. should i leave them all in the same tank or sepperate them and put half in another 2 ft tankd i have.

2. what size should they start breeeding at and what will they breed in?

cheers ben

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They will take 2 years to get to sexual maturity roughly, thats from birth. They usually take 6 months to get to 3cm, to give u an idea.

I personally like to raise altos in empty tanks, to lessen territories. I use barnacle shells to breed in too.

I would personally look for a 3 ft tank. Its a hard call with the 2 footers. Depends on the fish themselves on how agressive they can become. All in same tank may be fine. If you separate, may be easy for an agro male to single out who he picks on.

I would look for a 4 foot tank & add something like the lepto species for extra movement.

Heres some good reading.



Frenchy :sheep:

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