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Bn trio anit breeding??

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There in a 2ft tank with other baby bn and gravel on the bottom.

Ph 7.0-7.2

Temp 26

Food was on zucchini but now on potato

Type normal bristle nose

Male is 9cm and females are just abit bigger

Don't have any other water testers just the ph tester

It has those xy360 sponge filters and that's it

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yeah if u dont have caves then they wont breed at all.. maybe the other issue is that ur females are bigger than ur male?

i have a 2ft with about 30 or so baby bn and they have a clutch of eggs again. but i do have 2 caves and a bit of other hiding places.

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Yea I have 1 clay log and 2 D logs in there

I've been doing weekly water changes about 25%

I have been giving them alage wafer but not the hikari ones

I'd maybe take two logs out leave only 1 for the male ? Just a thought

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