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FS: 4ft Display tank (tank, stand, hood, lighting)

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For sale I have a beautiful 4' (L) x 15" (W) x 20" (H) display aquarium in great condition.

The whole set up (tank stand and hood) is 51" (L) x 17" (W) x 51" (H)

Stand and hood have no major dents, scratches etc. Tank has some silicone marks from a 3D background that was in it, and a couple of scratches on the bottom (not visible when tank full and with gravel anyway), otherwise still a beautiful piece.

I've had the tank for only around 1yr but got it off a good friend who takes very good care of her tanks. She had it for a couple of years before me. It's been used to hold all sorts of things, from frogs and fish to snakes and beardies.

The tank doesnt have any glass lids but comes with fantastic, strong 'pet mesh' lids. It also comes with a single 4ft light, inbuilt into the hood with an easy accessed switch (lamp kind of switch).

Only asking for $200 but I am open to offers

(P.S in the photos the blurriness is just water, i had just hosed it out for the pics)

Here’s some links for more pics (these wouldn’t upload)






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