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Breeding feeders for marines.....

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Hey guys marine is a newbie for me and Im curious as to options available for breeding saltwater feeders....I have been reading about people

feeding FRESHWATER feeders(people do some funny things) for marines...and obviously this is a NO NO(bad nutrition)...so are there options as far as breeding your own live feeders for lionfish(volitans)...that are realistic to achieve,etc....cheers guys

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Better off weening lionfish onto fresh and frozen, takes a few weeks of patience but better for the fish in the long run, then you can feed live feeders once in awhile. I feed mine live yabbies and bait fish now and then, but main diet consists of frozen and fresh marinara mix soaked in garlic and vitamins.

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Just go chuck a cast net out and some traps you get heaps of lil bream and mullet herring shrimp n all sorts of stuff. Stripeys are good feeders n easy to catch around the river mouths


you are certainly game posting something like this on a public forum..........

but I digress

mollies can usually be thrown straight into a marine tank

and will do fine

temperature shock is a bigger threat to them

than salinity change!

realisticly tho

get ya lionfish onto thera A

and they become cheap to feed

and have none of the nutritional problems they can get

yea its not easy

but once its done

its awesome!

although you can also gutload feeders with spectrum

or ocean nutrition flake

and then feed them on

with good results

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Thats some good advice there dff mollies are the best salt water feeders load em up.Always use mollies for cycling saltwater tanks. Even put enough cover in some tanks for them to breed and have constant supply of feeder coming . Fond sailfins anb blackmores handle higher salt best.

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