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Where to get rainbows

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OK best place's for Rainbows are ( in no particular order)

1 Exotic Fish Connections in Rocklea have a really good selection at the moment. I was there Friday and they had just gotten a new shipment in. Some nice stuff.

2. Annerley Aquarium always has a good range of Rainbows, especially New Guinea spp.

3. Mappins at Montague Rd, West End are native specialists and have some really good stock at very good prices.

4. Smith's have a good mixture of Rainbows, with the odd rare thing.

5. Pet City have good selection.

and that is about it, I wouldn't look anywhere else for Rainbows.

What I would suggest you do is join ANGFA and come along to the next meeting in October as there is always an auction after the meeting and you can get some good stuff there. Take a look at the website. Best $25 you will ever spend.

The Home of ANGFA(Qld) - Home

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Looks like the ANGFA is the go...cheers guys.

You probably wont get too many fish to choose from at the October meeting, its too early in the year for the breeders who have just come out of winter (most bows are pond bred) The August meeting typically has no fish for sale for obvious reason. The next proper meeting after October ,I think is February where you will begin to get good fish. That is a long time to wait.

What I suggest is that you pop in and take a look at the LFSs that I suggested. You will find some great stuff at those shops. C'mon support your local shop its hard enough for retailers as it is.

Then I would join ANGFA, which will get you amongst other things access to post on the ANGFA forum. This will allow you to touch base with the guys and allow you to purchase some rainbows from some of the breeders, who by late spring early summer will have youngsters to sell. Currently everything that the LFSs have will be coming in from FNQ or the NT. But go and check em out.

Speaking of the NT, I forgot to mention AQUAGREEN . AQUAGREEN is owned by Dave Wilson and has a fantastic selection of native plants, fish and inverts available. He also offers a discount for ANGFA members from memory, another reason to join ANGFA. Age of Aquariums also have a discount for ANGFA members.

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Thanks Grubby....all of those lfs are a bit too far away...I have been to Mappins once and was very impressed....I will have to take a trip to Brissy and check them out....cheers

All those shops are on the Southside, include fishchicks on that list and you have yourself a pretty good day trip.

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